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Going VEGAN doesn't mean going without. 

At Frankly GOOD, we give you the goodies you love, minus the ingredients you don't. 

100% plant-based.

No Eggs, No Milk, No Butter. EVER. 

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Our cookies and other munchies are 100% plant-based, so you can keep your heart and soul happy with every bite. We also use organic and non-GMO ingredients in everything we make, supporting local farmers and other regional suppliers whenever we can. You'll love our pecans that are sourced from organic Texas growers!


Lowering our carbon footprint is also very important to us, so we work to be as sustainable and green-friendly as possible – even in our packaging and operations. All of our biodegradable cellophane bags and paper labels are made from sugar cane and we use either biodegradable raffia ties or reusable clips on top for closures. We bake our goodies on PFOA and PTFE-free pans, reusable silicone mats, and biodegradable, quilon-free parchment paper to keep chemicals out of our products and out of you. Small steps add up to big changes as we care for this planet and the living creatures on it, and we are proud to be a part of that work!

At Frankly GOOD, we love COOKIES!

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What PEOPLE are saying about Frankly GOOD...

"Their gluten free chocolate chip cookies and granola (brittle) are amazing!
Very nice family business too!"

Karen S.

"I had the chocolate chip cookies, and they were excellent. I am an avid baker, and I felt these cookies were as good as the best out there."

Pat R.

"Great cookies and the oatmeal brittle is to die for us snackers!!!"

Shawn F.

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